Tree Retention

Often trees need expert care instead of removal.

Tree Retention

Why is tree retention important?

  • Healthy trees add so much beauty to our homes and parks.
  • Sometimes trees grow dense or their branches overhang important structures with the possibility of danger in storms.
  • Trees sometimes need help with disease control or insect pests.
  • Large trees also need soil care, mulching and watering regimes.

Why you should use Burnett Trees' Tree Care Service

  • Burnett Trees has been delivering professional tree care throughout the Illawarra and South Coast for more than a decade.
  • We proudly employ local staff qualified in arboriculture, tree surgery and horticulture.
  • Keeping trees in good shape is a job we love to do, particularly with fully grown veteran trees.
  • Before we prune or remove any tree, we ask, "What can be done to safely retain it for the future enjoyment of its beauty?"
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24 Hour Emergency Response

Emergency tree care in droughts, bushfires, floods, storms and all kinds of emergencies.

Burnett Trees is the go-to tree and arborist specialist in the NSW South Coast.

We work with councils, emergency services to get our communities back and ship-shape when the unexpected happens.

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