Stump Grinding

Safe, clean removal of stumps using the best stump-grinding techniques and machinery.

Stump Grinding

What is a stump grinding tree service?

Large trees that have fallen in storms or been removed leave large stumps and root systems in the ground. The benefits of removing the tree stump far outweigh the stump removal cost.

Why is tree stump removal important?

  • The stumps are a trip hazard.
  • They may take up garden space.
  • They are unsightly.
  • The stumps pose a risk from insect and termite infestation.

Why you should use Burnett Trees' professional tree stump removal service

  • We use several techniques to grind stumps to at least 200 - 300 mm below the soil surface.
  • We grind the stump - layer by layer - using a rotating disc with hardened tungsten teeth to quickly and effectively remove the trunk and upper root system.
  • The stump is turned to chip mulch, which we leave for your use, or optionally, can remove from your property.
  • Burnett Trees then levels the stump site so that the area can be grassed and provide room for future landscaping.
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