Crane Removals

Removing trees from backyards can be challenging - so we use cranes to do the job safely and quickly.

Crane Removals

What is a tree removal crane?

A tree removal crane consists of a boom that supports the tree, and a chain. It is used to remove trees from an area.

The benefits of crane assisted tree removal

  • Crane assisted tree removal allows large pieces of mature trees to be lifted over existing structures in one piece, and then be broken down in a clear area where there is room to move safely.
  • A crane tree removal service can help to ensure that your property is protected during the tree removal process.
  • Trees can be removed from tight spaces, difficult to reach spaces, and near powerlines.

What measures are in place to ensure the crane removal service is carried out safely?

  • Burnett Trees' Crane Removal tree service includes creating a tree lift plan that includes analysis of distances, building heights, power cables and other obstructions, grade changes and clear spaces to ensure that the crane assisted removal goes smoothly and efficiently.
  • We organise ground crew to handle site safety, segmenting the tree into pieces for the crane to lift and the clean-up of the removed tree.
  • We work with several professional crane operations, which have the right mobile cranes for jobs of every size.
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Emergency tree care in droughts, bushfires, floods, storms and all kinds of emergencies.

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We work with councils, emergency services to get our communities back and ship-shape when the unexpected happens.

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