Hedges, rose bushes and fruit trees need regular care and maintenance.


Why is pruning important?

  • Most trees, shrubs and hedges benefit from periodic pruning and cutting.
  • Pruning is good for plants as it encourages new growth
  • Trimming to remove dead and dying branches maintains plant health

Why you should use Burnett Trees' trimming services

  • Knowing when and how best to prune each of these involves quite a bit of scientific knowledge, that's why you would get one of our qualified arborists to give you advice and do the work.
  • Pruning also involves art, getting the shape right, predicting how the plant will respond to the pruning in the months and years ahead.
  • Different types of trees like lemon trees, apple trees, olive trees and other fruit trees all need specialised pruning techniques. Knowing it will fruit, or flower or grow is important.
  • Burnett Trees have the right people and the right equipment to prune trees in domestic and public environments.
  • We do it safely and we are fully insured.
  • We clean up after ourselves.
  • We will mulch all the prunings, sweep up and collect all the leaves and branches, leaving your property as clean and tidy as your tree will look after we finish tending to them.
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24 Hour Emergency Response

Emergency tree care in droughts, bushfires, floods, storms and all kinds of emergencies.

Burnett Trees is the go-to tree and arborist specialist in the NSW South Coast.

We work with councils, emergency services to get our communities back and ship-shape when the unexpected happens.

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