Firewood & Mulch

When trees have to be removed, we make sure the timber and branches can have a second purpose as firewood or mulch.

Firewood & Mulch

Burnett Trees believes in a sustainable environment, so we practice 100% green waste recycling in our tree care operations.


  • Large branches and tree trunks are converted into domestic and commercial timber, firewood and woodchips.
  • Hardwood timber is seasoned, split and packaged, ready to burn in fireplaces, firepits, artisanal BBQs or in commercial uses like pizza ovens and pottery kilns. Our firewood is 100% recyclable.


  • Leaf matter and smaller branches or converted to mulch, used to add beauty to garden beds, also saving water and suppressing weed growth.

The benefits of mulch:

  1. Helps maintain soil moisture.
  2. Helps control weeds.
  3. Serves as nature's insulating blanket.

Arborist woodchip is one of the best performers in terms of water infiltration, moisture retention, inhibiting weed growth, temperature moderation and stimulating microorganism activity.

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24 Hour Emergency Response

Emergency tree care in droughts, bushfires, floods, storms and all kinds of emergencies.

Burnett Trees is the go-to tree and arborist specialist in the NSW South Coast.

We work with councils, emergency services to get our communities back and ship-shape when the unexpected happens.

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