Tree Removal

Dangerous or storm damaged trees need a safe, thoughtful tree removal service.

Tree Removal

Why might you need a tree removal service ?

  • Trees sometimes become so sick or dangerous that the only choice is to remove them.
  • Large overhanging branches that can easily detach in a storm, damaging your home or threatening the lives of your family.
  • Damaged trees, trees that are diseased or where their root systems are damaging foundations or sewage pipes also need removal.
  • Palm tree removal may be required for an unwanted palm tree

Why you should use Burnett Trees for your tree lopping service

  • Removing a large tree safely our priority.
  • Our trained arborists are specialists in assessing the location of the tree, and planning the best way of removing it.
  • We can offer you a free quotation based on a detailed inspection.
  • We recycle the timber and mulch the foliage and clean up your yard when we are done.
  • The arborist team at Burnett Trees have a wide knowledge and experience on how to quickly and carefully remove all types of trees.
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24 Hour Emergency Response

Emergency tree care in droughts, bushfires, floods, storms and all kinds of emergencies.

Burnett Trees is the go-to tree and arborist specialist in the NSW South Coast.

We work with councils, emergency services to get our communities back and ship-shape when the unexpected happens.

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