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About Us

Burnett Trees has been delivering professional tree care throughout the Illawarra and South Coast for more than a decade.

We proudly employ local staff qualified in arboriculture, tree surgery and horticulture.

The Burnett Trees team offers full tree care services; from consulting advice through to tree pruning, removals, mulching and stump grinding.

Our emergency services are available to the community 24 hours a day.

Tree Retention

Healthy trees add so much beauty to our homes and parks. Keeping them in good shape is a job we love to do, particularly with fully grown veteran trees.


Sometimes trees grow dense or their branches overhang important structures with the possibility of danger in storms. Trees sometimes need help with disease control or insect pests. Large trees also need soil care, mulching and watering regimes.

And before we prune or remove any tree, we ask, "What can be done to safely retain it for the future enjoyment of its beauty?"

Tree Pruning

Most trees, shrubs and hedges benefit from periodic pruning. Knowing when and how best to prune each of these involves quite a bit of scientific knowledge, that's why you would get one of our qualified arborists to give you advice and do the work.


But pruning also involves art. Getting the shape right. Predicting how the plant will respond to the pruning in the months and years ahead. How it will fruit, or flower or grow.

Burnett Trees have the right people and the right equipment to prune trees in domestic and public environments. We do it safely and we are fully insured. And we clean up after ourselves.


We will mulch all the prunings, sweep up and collect all the leaves and branches, leaving your property as clean and tidy as your tree will look after we finish tending to them.

Tree Removal

Trees do become so sick or dangerous that the only choice is to remove them. Large overhanging branches that can easily detach in a storm, damaging your home or threatening the lives of your family. Removing a large tree safely is the key.

Our trained arborists are specialists in assessing the location of the tree, and planning the best way of removing it. We can offer you a free quotation based on a detailed inspection.

The team at Burnett Trees will quickly and safely remove damaged trees, trees that are diseased or where their root systems are damaging foundations or sewage pipes. We recycle the timber and mulch the foliage and clean up your yard when we are done.

Block Clearance

Our expert and experienced block clearing team will transform your approved building and development site into a safe, workable area for the construction teams to operate. We offer a comprehensive tree felling, timber removal, mulching and removal service, that is prompt and efficient.

Block clearance is also important for road construction, firebreaks and for establishing fence lines. Even domestic properties can require block clearance to extend homes, build pools or to prepare land for agricultural use.

The Burnett Trees team understand the hilly and often difficult landscape in the NSW South Coast. Years of skill and experience are available to you when you ask us to prepare a quote for your block clearance job. We can also offer a detailed consulting service for the preparation of DAs and council submissions.

Stump Grinding

Large trees that have fallen in storms or been removed leave large stumps and root systems in the ground. The stumps are a trip hazard,  take up garden space, are unsightly and pose a risk from insect and termite infestation. Burnett Trees recommends using our professional stump grinding service to remove these hazards.

We use several techniques to grind stumps to at least 200 - 300 mm below the soil surface. We grind the stump - layer by layer - using a rotating disc with hardened tungsten teeth to quickly and effectively remove the trunk and upper root system. The stump is turned to chip mulch, which we leave for your use, or optionally, can remove from your property.

Burnett Trees then levels the stump site so that the area can be grassed and provide room for future landscaping.

Cable & Bracing

Where we find branch or trunk failure or damage in trees of significant or historical value, cable stays or bracing can be an alternative to removal. Static or dynamic cabling is designed to stop structural failures in branches or multi-trunk trees.

While pruning is a useful first step, sometimes a wooden or metal prop from the ground to the branch is a good solution.


Call Burnett Trees for an obligation free inspection if your tree is leaning or the base of the tree is showing movement, or if the tree's branches seem unevenly weighted, or there are splits or cracks around the branching points.

Crane Removals

Crane assisted tree removal allows large pieces of mature trees to be lifted over existing structures in one piece, and then be broken down in a clear area where there is room to move safely.

Burnett Trees will create a tree lift plan that includes analysis of distances, building heights, power cables and other obstructions, grade changes and clear spaces to ensure that the crane assisted removal goes smoothly and efficiently.

We work with several professional crane operations, which have the right mobile cranes for jobs of every size. We organise ground crew to handle site safety, segmenting the tree into pieces for the crane to lift and the cleanup of the removed tree.


Firewood & Mulch

Burnett Trees believes in a sustainable environment, so we practice 100% green waste recycling in our tree care operations.

Large branches and tree trunks are converted into domestic and commercial timber, firewood and woodchips. Leaf matter and smaller branches or converted to mulch, used to add beauty to garden beds, also saving water and suppressing weed growth.

Hardwood timber is seasoned, split and packaged, ready to burn in fireplaces, firepits, artisanal BBQs or in commercial uses like pizza ovens and pottery kilns. Our firewood is 100% recyclable.