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We are arborists. Caring for trees is what we studied - it is what we do every working day, whether it's for Government, our local councils, local businesses or residents.


Burnett Trees has been providing tree care to customers Kiama, Jamberoo, Gerringong and the NSW South Coast since Easter 2000, when we started our operations.

Trees are a vital part of our lived environment. Trees provide us with proportion, beauty, cool shade in summer, and they stabilise the soil and provide essential habitat to our native species. But trees do require care, particularly in built-up areas. And after a storm, we are there to help with fallen limbs and trees.

We help with trees that have become diseased. We deal with large trees that have grown so much that they pose a danger to people or buildings. Or in gardens, we help out with hedge trimming and shaping, pruning of fruit and ornamental trees.

Burnett Trees is fully insured. Our operators are all qualified arborists with the technical and physical skills needed to care for your trees - both large and small.


Trust Burnett Trees to do your job carefully and safely.

Why we care for trees